"Long before I realized I was an artist, I knew I was a creative."

As a child, I grew up in a family where I was surrounded by creativity. I learned that creativity could be applied to all aspects of life, not just art. It meant expressing ideas, finding solutions and developing a new way of thinking, seeing, and doing. Creativity was all about imagination and innovation. Long before I considered myself an artist, I knew I was a creative. It is the creative in me that eventually gave birth to the artist I have now become.


“Ultimately, it is all about the art and creating a powerful viewer experience. I have often said I wanted to create a body of work that spoke every language known to man. Primal Imprints is an innate visual

language  expressed through artistry. Every viewer is granted the freedom to translate and interpret my art for themselves. There are no right or wrong answers. Viewer interaction is a very important part of my creative process. Nothing matters more than knowing I have captured and and held the attention of those who come in contact with my artwork. My goal is to always engage my audience with work that is both visually intriguing and mentally stimulating."


“The art I create is its own subject. I am not attempting to reproduce or duplicate anything that already exists in the traditional art world. There are no still lifes, landscapes, orportraits. Instead, I rely heavily upon

instinct and imagination, combining layers and layers of squares, circles, dots, and dashes. Woven together, these simplest of elements begin to take shape and detailed abstracts begin to emerge."


“Art is my life. Like life, it is essential to my being; never, ever optional. It is my love and my passion. There is no separating me from it. I live to create. It is the air that I breathe."

©2012 Lexington Garrick

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